Twenty-Five Random Things [originally published on Facebook 01.27.09]

[Even though this is one of those usually annoying tags that FB is famous for, I thought it would be a good ice-breaker.]

1) I don’t drive

2) I have an XBox but I rarely play it. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but, I find when I have free time, I would rather watch a DVD or listen to music.

3) I discovered KISS a week before my fourth birthday [1977]. My neighbor’s teenage son had KISS posters on his wall. Theose faces gripped me, excited me and scared me all at once. That same teenager [Chris Richards] saw my interest and played Side One of KISS Alive!. The next week, my mom gave me ‘Rock N Roll Over’ for my birthday because Chris’ mom told her ‘Indulge him. It’s a phase that will pass.’

4) I love foreign movies. I will watch a movie in French, even if it’s bad, just because I love the language.

5) I used to play the drums, but, after several orthopedic surgeries, my ankle can’t really move fast enough to play the kick drum.

6) I was the winner of The Patrick Crowling Courage Award, 1997.

7) I have been a Braves fan since the early 1980s.

8) The night the Braves won their only World Series in 1995, I watched the game at my aunt’s house because I had to DJ a cousin’s birthday party, instead of watching it with my father. That’s one of my few regrets in life and, since then I have never scheduled anything that conflicts with the playoffs if the Braves are in them.

9) I used to manage a rock band.

10) Despite that, I am really a morning person.

11) I met Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies after a show in DC, solely because I had to attend the show in a wheelchair following surgery.

12) It was at the age of 16 when I learned that backstage is not all it’s cracked up to be

14) I have the job I have now because I took the ‘’ entrance test on a dare. I passed, took out a huge loan, got two certs and landed at Wellpoint, where I discovered PTO.

15) I hope to move to Atlanta one day

16) While I love being an Uncle, I don’t want to be a dad

19) I really should clean my home office, but I swear I know where everything is

20) I watch the movie Annie Hall at least twice a year. It makes me laugh and sigh

21) I read Atlas Shrugged over a summer. It was good but I didn’t think it was ‘all that’

22) I once had to go 57 days without eating anything. I was in the hospital on IV Fluids only. After the first weekend, [which was pure hell], I didn’t miss food at all as long as I didn’t smell it.

23) The first meal I was allowed to have after 57 days without food was a cup of cherry Jell-O. Ever since, the thought of Jell-O makes me want to throw up.

24) I turned 21 during the same 57 days without food. I could not get drunk to celebrate turning 21 until 3 months later. My first alcoholic drink ordered was ‘Cold Gin’. I haven’t had it since, perferring vodka instead.

25) I’ve been in love, lost at love and had my heartbroken. And I am better for it.