Theatre Review: The Sound Of Music, presented by Barksdale at The Empire Theatre

It’s a rare occurrence when an evening out to to the theatre to see a local production of an all too well known show can go from being the expected to something wonderful, maybe even magical.

That’s what’s happening every weekend now until July 4 at Richmond’s Empire Theatre. Barksdale is showcasing Rodgers and Hammerstien’s ‘The Sound Of Music’, and it’s perhaps the best local production I’ve ever seen in Richmond, certainly the best musical production.

Now, we all know the story, or at the very least one song from the show [Do, Re, Mi and My Favorite Things are two of several songs that became standards of the American Songbook after the show opened on Broadway in 1960]. But really, that doesn’t matter.

I implore you. Go see this show! If you’re a fan of musicals, if you are a fan of theatre, if you have seen the movie…or if you’re reading this right now, JUST GO!! Yes, it’s THAT GOOD!!

Maria [Stacy Cabaj] is masterful in a role she truly seems born to play. The ‘kids’ are adorable, and if you’re not smiling and enjoying yourself by the time ‘Do Re Mi’ appears in the show, then check your pulse, you might be dead.

Director Chase Kniffen has done a wonderful job of keeping the show moving and vibrant, without sacrificing the show’s underlying political message. The sets by Brian Barker are lavish, helping to make some scenes breathtakingly beautiful.

Kudos to Jody Ashworth for being able to walk the fine line of the tender-hearted disciplinarian that the role of Captain von Trapp requires.

I could go on about how great this show is, but I’ll just say again, go! You won’t regret it, and you won’t forget it!

Seriously…I mean it. Go!

Ticket and performance info is here