Podcast Recommendation: "Check Out These Records I Got"

I wanted to take a moment to recommend a podcast for your listening pleasure. If you are a music nerd and/or a fan of vinyl, then you should listen to the aptly titled “Check Out These Records I Got,” a podcast hosted by Patrick Crowling. Patrick is one of those rare individuals who still have a great collection of records, and he’s always on the look-out for a rare gem or something so off the wall that he has to have it. I am happy to report that episode one (available here) centers around Richmond’s own Plan 9 Records, and the show is full of surprises. You’ll hear songs from Flo & Eddie, The Monocles and probably far too many ‘songs’ from a 1963 album labeled ‘For Adults Only.”

New episodes of COTRIG drop every Tuesday so be sure to subscribe via iTunes, or on the Facebook Page. You can also follow him on Twitter [@COTRIGPodcast]. It’s informative and fun with snaps, crackles and pops included.