Ok, so now I have a blog


I’ve decided to finally give this ‘blogging’ thing a try. I’ve been writing for years and, in the last year I have written several ‘notes’ on Facebook. As someone once said, a FB page is for those too lazy to have a blog. While I’ve never thought that I was lazy, I just didn’t think there was an audience who would want to bother reading my stuff. And, it seemed like a lot of effort, with the real possibility of getting no traffic or feedback.

So I put it off.

Recently though, friends have told me I really should write professionally or, at the very least start a blog. So, for now I have gone the cheap [free] route with a blogspot account thru google and, if this takes off, or even gets off the ground without crashing and burning, then I’ll look into buying a domain.

Anyway, I’m gonna start by posting most of my notes from Facebook. Most of these I haven’t read since I wrote them so, it will at least be a fun trip down memory lane for me.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll add new stuff. I’m still unsure if I want to focus solely on reviews of concerts, movies and other media or, if I want to turn this into a kind of electronic journal. That remains to be seen I guess.

One question I’ll answer straight away: The name Longarm is a nickname given to me years ago by a very dear friend. I like it so I used it here.