Atlanta Tales, Volume Two

I figured it was time for another update, even though not a lot has changed since my last post. Well, I did turn 39 Saturday, but apart from that, the only changes have really been setbacks.

Item #1 and by far the most troubling for the last nine days has been severe swelling in my legs. Swelling was so bad on Monday (09/10) that, as I prepared to go to a grocery store, it became apparent that my legs were so swollen that I could not get my braces on; they simply would not fit. I had some slight swelling the first week I was in Atlanta in August, but it dissipated after a day or two, so to look at my legs and not be able to get braces or shoes on, I was shocked.

I spent Monday evening with my legs elevated, even while sleeping. When I woke up Tuesday, I could at least get my braces and shoes on, but it was a very tight fit. I managed to get to the drugstore, bought some over the counter fluid pills and potassium and hoped that would do the trick after a few days.

Well, here I am on Sunday evening and, truthfully, there has been no change in the swelling. I can still barely fit my braces and shoes on, but nothing is improving. The pain is minimal [it takes a lot for something to register on my pain scale]; the main thing is just annoying and puzzling that the swelling is happening and not decreasing.

So, even though I have tried to avoid it, I will be going to the ER on Monday whenever I wake up. I looked at some urgent care centers, but since I still have Virginia based insurance, urgent care centers will not accept it. Grady Hospital will [and yes, I know this from previous experience last year]. A friend asked why I didn’t go to the ER this weekend once I realized the swelling wasn’t going down? Well, I really didn’t want to go to a hospital on my birthday and, as I have learned, nothing happens at hospitals on the weekend. So, I will go in Monday, hope they can give me some Lasix via IV and send me home. I really don’t want to be admitted…but we’ll see what happens.

Health is the only thing that can move the job search down to Item #2 on my list. Still sending resumes; still not hearing much of anything back in reply. I have even applied for ca;; center jobs that are for debt collections. At this point, I can’t afford to be very picky any longer. Believe me when I say I am doing my best to remain positive, and I am leaning on a small circle of friends via text to help keep me focused. I know I would feel better if I were sleeping at night and I at least had some replies to my resumes.

Baseball remains a great distraction. The Braves are 8-3 in games I have attended this year, with a game tonite. Truthfully, the only time I am happy is at the ballpark. When I’m away from the ballpark, the reality I face is very scary.

Having said that, I spent the weekend watching WWII documentaries, knowing ‘it could be worse…’

Here’s hoping this is the week where it all changes for the better. For now, I am en route back to Turner Field to see the ESPN Sunday Night Game of the Week. I really don’t like when the Braves play late on Sundays, but I have nowhere to be except the ER tomorrow so I’ll deal with a very late night trip home. I will have no complaints if they get the win.

Thanks for reading. Wish the news was a little better, but better not to sugarcoat things, right?

Until next time,