Martina McBride and Trace Adkins @ Richmond Coliseum 03.12.10

I wrote at great length about the first show I saw on this tour back in January, so I won’t add a lot. I had another great time with Eddie, and the shows were more or less the same, except for some minor changes.

It’s no secret that I bought tickets to see Martina, but I have to say that I truly enjoyed seeing Trace Adkins put on a show. I’ll gladly see him in concert if he comes back around by himself or as part of another package tour. He had one setlist change from the Fairfax, VA show, omitting ‘All I Ask For Anymore’ and playing ‘Hillbilly Rich [with a chorus of the hit ‘Hillbilly Bone’ thrown in]. Trace also played a brand new song that has not been recorded or released yet called ‘Hell, I Could Do That’. I’m sure it will be released on his next project.

Martina is still amazing to see onstage, and she’s truly come into her own as an arena performer, able to engage everyone no matter where their seats are. Still though, it’s her voice that dazzles. Be it blasted through a loud PA with guitars and drums behind, or sung quietly with a single acoustic guitar, her voice never disappoints. Her setlist didn’t change much, except the order was moved for two numbers and, for the encore we heard two covers [‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and ‘Summer of ‘69’] while in Fairfax we heard only one [Livin’ On A Prayer’].

Thanks again to Eddie for seeing this show with me. Happily, the travel to this one was far less eventful than the last time, and we got home at a decent hour!

Thanks to Martina and Trace for not skipping Richmond, a town that loves its country music.