Another Vision Adventure

February is almost over and, hopefully we’re through with weekly snowstorms. I’m ready to turn the page on the calendar to March knowing it’s going to be a very busy but very fun month. I’m seeing four concerts and one musical. With that already on my schedule, I figured ‘Why not throw in a surgical procedure as well?’

Last year I had lens replacement surgery. It’s the same procedure they perform for people who have cataracts, only I didn’t have cataracts, the lenses just weren’t working well enough with my contacts, so my surgeon, Dr. Joseph Iurno, replaced the lenses and corrected my vision enough surgically that I no longer need contacts, only glasses to read close up and do computer work. The surgeries were a great success and I still find it amazing that I’m not nearsighted anymore. It took a long time to overcome my instinct to always bring a book closer to my eyes to read.

Now that my vision is better than it’s ever been in my entire life, I looked at options to correct something I’ve dealt with since birth. My right eye has always been ‘lazy’, turning inward, making vision out of that eye very poor until the surgeries this past summer. So, I am now having a procedure to center my right eye so it looks straight ahead. I’ve always been left eye dominant, because, up until last summer, my left eye was my ‘good eye’ that I could always see out of. Now with the corrective surgery, my right eye actually sees better than my left, but it’s difficult for me to focus and ‘look’ out of my right eye, partly because for thirty-six years, I’ve been doing the opposite and also because the eye turns inward.

So, like I said, March is busy. I’ve now got doctor’s appointments sprinkled around these shows:

March 11 – They Might Be Giants @ The National

March 12 – Martina McBride and Trace Adkins @ The Coliseum

March 18 – The Musical ‘Wicked’ @ The Landmark [a gift for mom’s birthday]

March 20 – Taylor Swift @ John Paul Jones Arena

March 21 – Ben Folds @ The National

When scheduling the surgery, I told myself it had to be ‘after the weekend of March 20/21 because, if there’s a risk of going blind during this surgery, however miniscule, I’m taking that risk after I see Taylor Swift in concert. Thankfully, I was able to schedule the surgery for the end of the month, so no conflicts of any kind and, hopefully very little time away from work.

I’ll keep you posted here, and I will be writing reviews for all five events I’m seeing in March. I’m really looking forward to all of them, but there’s one that I’m really really looking forward to. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious, huh?

So long February, welcome March. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Thanks for reading,